Pride of The North

Groenendael kennel

We strive to breed Groenendaels with a great character, a pleasant behavior and nice looks but above all with great health.


We have a big garden with a nice playing field for our dogs.

People with Groenendaels are always welcome at our place!

U can always come and visit our lovely place for some training or just for some drinks.

There is a camping within 100 meters of our house and there are many Bed & Breakfast places in our village called Midwolda.

Do you have or do you want a Groenendael then you are always welcome, we have delicious coffee...


We are a member of the breed club BHCN (Belgische Herder Club Nederland), we breed by their rules and we use their purchase contract.


We breed by rules of the Dutch kennel club (Raad van Beheer) and the BHCN breed club.


Our dogs are getting checked by the veterinarians from DAPOG (Dieren Artsen Praktijk Oost Groningen)

With pain in our hearts we had to say goodbye to our beloved Chelsea....

Lymphoma cancer was detected in her body at the end of April and after that it went way to fast.

She died way to young, our hearts are bleeding, we miss her so much.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us.


Bye Chelsepels...