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Pride of The North

Groenendael kennel

We are Dick, Nelly and Brendan Smit.

Our house with a big and beautiful garden is located in a lovely village called Midwolda,

Thirty years ago we bought our first Groenendael.

We named her Pascha and she was a descendant of Xurits van 't Belgisch Schoon, a champion dog.

A sweet and beautiful female who got an excellent at many shows.

With her we bred our first litter, three puppies were born and we kept a male called Kelly.

We planned to breed on with Kelly, unfortunately we discovered that he suffered from Epilepsy.

For us that meant the end of our breeding, but the love for the Groenendael stayed.

After the death of Pascha, Kelly and Hertha (A Groenendael female which we took care of when she was six years old because she was abused and mistreated by her owners) we went looking for a new dog.

We were searching for a dog which we could breed with in the futre.

After many hours of searching on the internet we saw a female available at the kennel named of Karo's Triangle.

Her name was Liadan of Karo's Triangle, we call her Gently and she honours her name!

She was a whole different type of Groenendael then that we were used to, out of working lines, with great working drive, less looks but she had no fear at all.

A few years later she got her first litter and after that she also got her second and last litter.

Before we started breeding with Gently we bought Temperamental Black Synnove a.k.a. Chelsea, the most gentle and enjoyable female whe had until then but full of power.

She was a female out of showinglines from the kennel Temperamental.

Chelsea was Brendan his first dog, she was his Shadow, they where always with eachother.

Unfortunately she died of lymphoma cancer... way to early, she didn't even reached her third birthday...

From the second litter that Gently produced in 2017 we kept Bailey Pride of the North a.k.a. Nova, she is a female full of joy.

Besides that we kept Nova we also added Noah van de Schagerwaard a.k.a. Faith to our pack, she comes from kennel van de Schagerwaard and she is just like Chelsea from showinglines.

She is a soft female but with amazing looks which we are very proud of.

We are planning to breed with Faith, we haven't yet decided if we will breed with Nova.

We train our dogs in Obedience, Agility and (man)Tracking!

Hopefully you've got to know us a bit better, you can always email or call us, we speak Dutch, English and German!

For our contact information check >Contact.

Kind regards,

Dick, Nelly and Brendan